Modify can gca6 ?

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Modify can gca6 ?

Postby Dagnall » 15.05.2015, 20:59

hi, sorry if this is the wrong part of the forum, but I am new to this.
I have a nice set of Peters boards, that work beautifully, but I would like to modify one or more gca6 to use the 8 inputs in a more general purpose way. This will allow me to locate a single gca6 remotely in the garden and to support a small station.
Currently the code needs pairs of inputs to swap in order to give a single sensor output.
Electrically the board could easily have 4 servos plus 8 general purpose io.
The only thing holding me up is that I cannot find the source code for the gca6, and ideally the code for the Gca2, so that I can hack the gca6 to look a bit like a half gca2.
.... Then hopefully add some code in rocrail so it can be simply programmed.
So: question, where is the source code please? Can someone help me out please!?
Many thanks

Re: Modify can gca6 ?

Postby smitt48 » 15.05.2015, 21:06

Hi Dagnail,

Try it in "GCA (Hardware by Peter Giling)" I assume Peter is monitoring that Forum (just my guess).
You can wait a day or two and see if someone nibbles on the bait.

Greetings Tom
Kind regards,
Tom Smit
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Re: Modify can gca6 ?

Postby Dagnall » 15.05.2015, 21:11

Wow, very quick reply!
I have been in email conversation with Peter and he suggested asking here, or at least 'in the forum' , as he does not have the source code.
It may be that I'm asking the wrong question? Is the software on the gca6 known by another name ? Was it based on merg software, if so, which one and can one get the source code?

Re: Modify can gca6 ?

Postby rjversluis » 15.05.2015, 21:15

Best Regards, Rob.
:!: PS: Do not forget to attach the usual files.
:!: PS: Nicht vergessen die übliche Dateien an zu hängen.
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Re: Modify can gca6 ?

Postby Dagnall » 15.05.2015, 22:45

Many thanks, that was exactly what I was looking for, now all I have to do is understand it, and modify it..
I expect that will keep me busy for quite a while!


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