Help me understand MBUS as a whole.

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Help me understand MBUS as a whole.

Post by Moonlooper » 22.07.2019, 16:39

EDIT: Has already been answered on the MBUS (DE) subforum! Got help from a friend on translation. Thank you!

Hello all,

I'm thinking to upgrade from MS2 to something more advanced, and rocrail and MBUS seems to be too good to be true, when compared to Märklin's CS3. Information for the setup of MBUS is a bit scattered, and it's hard for a newcomer to get a good understanding of the whole. Please correct me, if I'm wrong. I'm refering to this picture and going from right-to-left: ... etcan.jpeg

- Raspi 3b+ has rocrail installed and Pi01CAN transforms it's orders to CAN-format.
- GC2a reads CAN-orders and outputs orders to specific GCA-devices. Orders find to right place, because every device has uniquely named ports, or something similar.
- They are somewhat optional, if I only have Märklin's own parts, that are controlled via MM/mfx/DCC from the track current.
- Pi01CAN+RocNet Node is optional, and it can be used to transform CAN-orders to I2C-orders.
- Both GC2a and Pi01CAN have two CAN-ports, so you can chain them, and the signal will go through all of them. No splitters or such are needed.
- CAN-Digital-Bahn (also called CC-Schnitte) transforms the CAN-signal to Märklin-format, and sends it to the Trackbox. CC-Schnitte has only one CAN-port, so it must be the end of the CAN-signal.

So if I'm upgrading from MS2, I only need RasPi, Pi01CAN, GC2a & GCA-accessories, and CC-Schnitte?

What are the to USB-connection from GC2a (USB to RocRail / CAN Monitor) used for?

Thanks in advance,

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