(solved) 2 switches simultaneously ?

(solved) 2 switches simultaneously ?

Postby Bonzo08 » 26.02.2017, 19:04

Hello Group
I wish to 2 switches must have the same name so they change simultaneously.
This is because when I run analog on the pitch and change manually, I can only see one at rocrail track plan
  I have given them the same address, but can not give the same name

Jan o
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Re: 2 switches simultaneously ?

Postby smitt48 » 26.02.2017, 19:34

Hi Jan,

The name of the switch has nothing to do if it moves. Only the address is used.
I am not sure what difference it makes if you switch:
as Rocrail requires: sw01 (address=1,1) and sw02 (address=1,1).
Both switches will switch at the same time, because the same addresses.

Please explain again why this does not work for you.

Kind regards,
Tom Smit
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Re: 2 switches simultaneously ?

Postby Bonzo08 » 26.02.2017, 23:14

When I use Rocrail automatic works fine
but when I use rocral as the station's switchboard and switches manually, the only one that switches on the board, but the track changes both

Jan o

Re: 2 switches simultaneously ?

Postby eroncelli » 01.03.2017, 11:34

Correct: when you click on an item (like the switch) you are operating on that particular item with its name and the display change accordingly (only that item).
Then the actual command is issued and this, by your choice, is common to other items, that switch too (but not on the display).
You'd better use a different option to solve your issue: for instance "actions" using one switch as the "primary" (i.e. normal function) and the other moved by actions triggered by the first.
"Flank protection" (if I remember correctly) is another solution.
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Re: 2 switches simultaneously ?

Postby Bonzo08 » 06.03.2017, 23:29

Thanks for reply. It will probably be the solution to use Action,
I had just forgotten that it was workable provided to such problems

Re: (solved) 2 switches simultaneously ?

Postby Bonzo08 » 20.03.2017, 08:44

Tanks for answer it work fine hven i use action, :D :D :D :thumb_up: :thumb_up:

Re: (solved) 2 switches simultaneously ?

Postby Duesselklaus » 20.03.2017, 10:25

Just to make the picture complete:
I you have a control unit that echos the commands (sends back the command it has received), then you don't need to have the actions and all devices on your dashboard change at the same time.
Example is the DCC232-"software-command station" or DCCpp (with the echo option switched ON).
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