How do I make a level crossing work ??

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How do I make a level crossing work ??

Post by jimmaet » 07.01.2018, 16:21
We're working on getting the level crossing "Puomit_Vanha" to work.
It somehow goes by adding it to all routes into the block "Kruunuhaka", but:
    - This way the settings are lost when re-analyzing
    - While using reservation of 2 blocks ahead, the bars go down way to (unnecessary) early
    - It seems they open again at arriving to the last sensor in Kruunuhaka, although the block is freed only while arriving in the next.
    So we have some cars still passing while the bars are open.

What would be a better way? Prefarable while "Kruunuhaka" gets occupied and freeing when it is free, so in sync with the red coloured block.
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