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Posted: 19.09.2009, 11:52
by rjversluis
Just a reminder: We want your votes! :-)
It is just a few mouse clicks.. ;-)

Posted: 20.09.2009, 22:05
by Peter Mueller
rjversluis wrote:we want to know which libraries are used.
That is the problem. I hope, "p50x" for my Tams MasterControl is the correct vote.

Posted: 20.02.2010, 21:43
by rjversluis
Hi to all new forum members.
Please vote which Command Station Protocol(s) your are using.

Posted: 21.02.2010, 15:54
by aNdreas
Hi Rob,
please update your list with the new command stations



and you will get at least one more vote

Greets Andreas

Posted: 21.02.2010, 16:11
by dadolphs
Hi Andreas,

the new CS are added to the poll.

Happy voting,
Dirk :rr_cap:

Posted: 21.02.2010, 19:23
by rjversluis


That is great! RMX support is not ready coded and it is already used!?

Does that mean I am dismissed?

Posted: 22.02.2010, 13:09
by gramels
Would it make sense to split openDCC & openDCC_XP (the version with the expressnet adapter) since the latter one offers certain new features?



Posted: 22.02.2010, 17:54
by rjversluis
Hi Lothar,

It is just one library supporting all OpenDCC versions.

New libraries are added.

Posted: 17.03.2010, 11:59
by rjversluis

recently added libraries are added to the poll.
Please check your vote(s).

Posted: 16.07.2010, 06:44
by seveny
i voted for mcs2 but counter still says 25 votes, should be 26 with mine...

Posted: 17.07.2010, 09:41
by dadolphs
Hi Sven,

everything looks okay to me and your vote was counted.
Maybe it was a caching issue ...

Best regards,
Dirk :rr_cap:

Posted: 19.07.2010, 11:54
by seveny
dirk, you are right, vote seems to be "counted" now - cache trouble could be possible --sven

Posted: 21.09.2010, 06:32
by rjversluis
The new TamsMC library is added as option.

To all new Forum users.

Posted: 02.10.2010, 14:45
by rjversluis
Hi all new Forum users,

please vote for your Command Station(s).
This is highly appreciated by the Rocrail Team to get some figures about which Command Stations are used.

Posted: 08.10.2010, 11:08
by risernhagen
Hi All,

actually I´m using P50x. But I´m thinking to change to TamsMC because my MC is from Tams (with all the little difficulties)

Regards Rudi.