RocRail and Multimaus 10764+S88Xpressnetli

RocRail and Multimaus 10764+S88Xpressnetli

Postby Corsica2A » 27.06.2016, 13:01

Hello, I am trying to move to digital and I have a set Multimaus 11764 with S88XpressnetLi rocrail adapter and software. To program the locomotive no worries however for accessory decoders (points and signals) can not be programmed addresses and communicate with the decoder (LDT and CDF brand). Are there additional equipment to provide or center is not compatible with rocrail?

Thank you for your help .

cordially :idea:

Re: RocRail and Multimaus 10764+S88Xpressnetli

Postby rjversluis » 27.06.2016, 15:36

Hi cordially,

do you mean programming stationary decoders at DCC level, or control them by Rocrail?

Please provide more precise information.
Best Regards, Rob.
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Re: RocRail and Multimaus 10764+S88Xpressnetli

Postby peters » 19.05.2017, 16:14

Hi all,

just to help other users here and share my experience: Initially I tried to work with exactly the same components on my model railway. In deed it was possible to drive locos and switch accessories but unfortunately there was no proper and stable operation possible if more then 2 locos running in automatic mode in parallel. I think (but could not finally verify) that the Multimaus has not enough calculation power for handle complex operation in that environment. The S88Xpressnet IF is connected to 10764 as slave and therefore all operation the Multimaus as master has to process. I replaced that S88Xpressnet with z21 and the 10764 was modified to act as booster and everything worked well. Multimaus is still in use on z21 for manual interaction.

My summary: For very small model railway with less traffic it might work, for normal railway I would not recommend that solution.

Best regards,
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