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by PhilS
14.05.2018, 11:17
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Topic: Levels in Track Plans -and 'unique IDs' -philosophy ??
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Levels in Track Plans -and 'unique IDs' -philosophy ??

I've returned again to look at RocRail now that it is practical to use on RPi3,and I want to use my Z21 and feedback. AN ATTRACTION is the ability to different 'images' of the layout on easily selectable tabs - so that the layout view can be simplified/separated for some operators. I currently use R...
by PhilS
30.09.2014, 13:41
Forum: Installation
Topic: Rocrail on a LGB 55005 centrale
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Re: Rocrail on a LGB 55005 centrale

i see there has been no succesful response or update to this question. It may help to know that the original LGB DCC (MTS/MZS) was provided for them by Lenz ... and the orignal Lenz Maus Controller allowed locos 1-8, of which, with an override button on the Central Unit, 8 could be replaced by 'loco...
by PhilS
27.09.2014, 15:09
Forum: Basic topics
Topic: [solved] Following the location for cars
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Re: [solved] Following the location for cars

Concerning the idea of 'tracking' cars ( as in coaches, wagons - unpowered rolling stock - not requiring or perhaps equipped with a loco decoder to provide movement ) ... although I am new to Rocrail (still trying to install it to run on RPi in conjunction with MultiCentralePro(s) .... My friend and...

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