Experiance with Decoder from CT Electronic ?

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Experiance with Decoder from CT Electronic ?

Post by bbernhard » 28.02.2016, 00:28

Hi friends

Is there anybody who has experiance with older DCX70 decoders from CT Electronic ?
Recently I changed my command station from ORD1 to GBMBoost. For any reason this brought me in big trouble with the DCX70 decoders.
Initially I thought that I had been destroyed them with overvoltage. This was because the new setup provided 1-2V more than deocoders are specified.
Today I found that in sum five of my loco (all with DCX70) having strange behaviour.

All of them switch motor ON/OFF in ~3sec interval. This is indepandant from load and CV. Same happen if I replace the motor by a resistive load.
But read and write CV at programming track is working. Furthermore they are working fine (I can clearlyfeel the load regulation is working) if I supply them with DC and enable DC support.
As far I could measure all semiconductors are fine, no short and no suspect behaviour.

I suspect that I accidently wrote a bad undocumented CV to them while dealing with my other ZIMO & Lenz deoders. This is becasue I found that in some situation Rocrail allowes to program to adress "0" via POM. Means all loco on the track got same CV. :( . This happened twice this afternoon.

Bad thing is that for any reason the defect DCX70 decoders do not allow to reset with programming CV1 to 0. Even if the manual say they can.
But I know from te past that CT Electronic documentation is very weak and the firmware change often and do sometimes not match with documentation.
Very strange.

So, any idea what to do ? Five bricked decoders are not very nice.

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