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HowTo - Decoder63/OC32 in RocRail

Posted: 30.07.2016, 17:33
by degraaff
Decoder63 is an BYOD accessory decoder for basic 2-state accessories and drives 63 ports with two gates (pins) each. The decoder has originally been designed by Kees Moerman to be driven via a parallel port interface by Koploper (Koploper Forum), but lately also an USB interface has been made available in Koploper using the OM32/OC32 -module developed by Leon van Perlo (PVEB). However, a ready to use interfacing with RocRail] has not been found by the author.
A contraption has been crafted to put the Decoder63 at work within RocRail, using an USB serial or DCC connection to a suitably configured OC32 module as decoder interface.

I prepared a HowTo which documents the steps to take in order to get Decoder63 doing its job in RocRail. Some minor constraints and trade-offs apply, though.

For anyone who is interested I can provide (just too large to be able to attach here) the document and spreadsheet tool for generating the proper configuration definition files for the OC32.

Thijs de Graaff

Re: HowTo - Decoder63/OC32 in RocRail

Posted: 13.08.2016, 20:27
by degraaff
As of today the HowTo (latest and greatest version 2.2) is available for download from my personal X-fer site

I need some help, though. I can control the switches, but I do have problems addressing the signals.
  • For switches I can just enter in the fields Parameter and Value the two aspects to control it.
    For signals I can issue the proper aspects manualy, but I need an automatic way of control by RocRail.
To get the feeling about the Decoder63 device: think of a signal box with 63 levers. Each lever is controlled by two aspects of that signal box. Imagine I need to pick the aspects, say for lever 5 (addressed with aspects 8 and 9). The interface of RocRail would assume addressing the lever number and then aspect 0 and 1. However, in my case I have to address the signal box and control the proper lever by selecting the proper aspect pair (mostly different from 0 and 1).

I hoped for a similar solution as worked for the switches, but I can't find it. Anyone to help me out?

Thnx a lot!

Re: HowTo - Decoder63/OC32 in RocRail

Posted: 14.08.2016, 06:43
by rjversluis
Why not using the OC32 directly without the Decoder63 detour?

Re: HowTo - Decoder63/OC32 in RocRail

Posted: 14.08.2016, 13:44
by degraaff
Why Decoder63?

- Because I already own it,
- Because it allows per OC32 up to 4x63 = 252 ports instead of 16 (you need the OC32 anyway, though)
- Because it is (was at least) cheaper per port (of course depending on the number you actually use ;-) )
- Because I like soldering, may be too 8)

But, yes, the OC32 offers much more: is more flexible, more versatile, etc. It is a super product... :thumb_up: