Usage T4T train changes in RocRail

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Usage T4T train changes in RocRail

Post by treinbert » 26.01.2011, 23:41

I was wandering, what the best way would be to incorporate the usage of the T4T-decoder princilples in RocRail?

The T4T-bus is a bus inside a coupled train. The major decoder is in the first locomotive and is transferred to the rest of the train via the couplers. It is possible to uncouple each wagon/carriage/locomotive with a command on the digital signal in DCC with and address 1000 higher than the locomotive.
For instance if the locomotive has address 23, the uncoupling is done by using the address 1023. The speed setting is the number of the coupler, wahich can be activated, i.e. if it is set to set 3 (of 28 steps), the third coupler is activated by the F1 key.

As an extra feature, all couplers have a Lizzy transmitter incorporated. I am atill new to Lizzy, so I have to buy a Lizzy receiver, to start using this feature.

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Post by ClaudeF » 04.02.2014, 09:35

Sorry to reply to this old message but I'm very interested in the T4T solution.

Is T4T now incorporate in RocRail ?

Thank you !


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Post by rjversluis » 04.02.2014, 09:53

You can use it right away because it use normal DCC commands which can be used manually or by actions in Rocrail.


Post by ClaudeF » 06.02.2014, 11:39

So, with the actions in RocRail I can handle all the possibilities offered by the T4T technology ?

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