Greetings from Athens

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Greetings from Athens

Postby joofoo » 17.07.2017, 09:22

Already starting to build my second model (this time hoping to also include moving vehicles) and i am planning ahead to exclusively use rocrail on a ras-pi3 as the control.

TLDR; Any input on Car and/or Locomotive command stations that play well with Rocrail, is greatly appreciated.

My previous attempt features a Z21 controller, which is controlled by rocrail (albeit with minor hick-ups). This time I have pledged to ask around user testimonials and aim for a better-supported controller, before visiting the stores.

I am looking for a locomotive system and a car kit, whose command stations work well together and are ideally interfaced by rocrail. My wiki searches have led me to Dinamo/MCC for car system and some DCC command station for the train.

Nevertheless, it is unclear to me what would be a preferred choice, in terms of playing well with rocrail "out-of-the-box"; afterall, this is a summer-time project, i would like to see finished within August.

Any pointers for well-supported command stations for car and train system(s)?

Thank you!

Re: Greetings from Athens

Postby rjversluis » 17.07.2017, 09:26


in Germany the Open Car System is very popular.
Best Regards, Rob.
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Re: Greetings from Athens

Postby smitt48 » 17.07.2017, 10:48

Hi Athens,

Welcome to Rocrail!

Kind regards,
Tom Smit
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