Another Dutch boy

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Re: Another Dutch boy

Post by erikg » 27.10.2018, 14:31

rjversluis wrote:Welcome Erik,
Brush up English Rocrail wiki pages.
Add to and make up-to-date Dutch wiki pages.
Good intentions! 8)
So how do I get access to the Wiki? The forum login name gives "Sorry, we can't find this user in our database" on the Wiki.

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Re: Another Dutch boy

Post by rjversluis » 27.10.2018, 15:39

Hi Erik,

the English pages should not be touched. If somethings is not OK, we can discuss it here.
If you want to update the Dutch pages, I can give you access to the Wiki.

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Re: Another Dutch boy

Post by agre30 » 28.10.2018, 17:20

Hi Erik,
Welcome to the Rocrail forum from another Dutch boy.


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