Hello: Marklin AC or Trix DCC? (C-Tracks)

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Hello: Marklin AC or Trix DCC? (C-Tracks)

Post by Graham » 09.01.2019, 03:33

I am now retired and returning to the hobby and worked with a few different gauges in the past from n to 1 1/2 scale live steam.
Looks like it will be HO and C track still on the fence with Marklin AC and Trix DCC my idea was to join this forum and start learning about Rocrail my first question would be is there any benefit with the Marklin AC or DCC with respect to the Rocrail system

Thanks Graham.

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Re: Hello

Post by eroncelli » 09.01.2019, 08:17

First, welcome to the Forum.
Getting to the question: in my experience, there is no difference, as I'm using Maerklin system with loco decoder in MFX (Maerklin original ) and in DCC (converted loco).
Same for accessories.

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Re: Hello

Post by rvooyen » 09.01.2019, 11:25


The biggest question is whether to run 3 rail = Marklin AC or 2 rail (DC=Trix and others).
I run Marklin AC but all my locs and digital equipment is DCC based.

In general 2 rail looks more realistic, but requires a lot of thought when making layouts with reversing loops etc. since that requires polarity changers etc.
In general 3 rail will operate for any design of layout with simple wiring.

Also 2 rail feedbacks are a little more difficult (current sensing) and may require putting resistors across axles for detection.
3 rail feedbacks are extremely easy (cut a rail in two places and add a wire) and all axles are detected.

So that is the real choice. Once chosen both can operate with Rocrail and DCC easily.

Anyway that's my 2 cents worth. Welcome back to the hobby.


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Re: Hello: Marklin AC or Trix DCC? (C-Tracks)

Post by Graham » 10.01.2019, 04:31

Thanks so much for the pointers it is looking like Marklin for me, I did have them in the past and was considering 2 rail could be quieter

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Re: Hello: Marklin AC or Trix DCC? (C-Tracks)

Post by Graham » 11.01.2019, 04:49

Sorry I did not mention I am from Kelowna BC Canada

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Re: Hello: Marklin AC or Trix DCC? (C-Tracks)

Post by smitt48 » 11.01.2019, 13:45

Hi Graham,

My contact in Canada for Maerklin is:
HobbyTech Canada Inc.
3610 - 50.Ave SE, unit 23
Calgary, AB T2B 3N9
Phone : 1-403-291-9398
Email : info@hobbytech.ca

Only(!) 7 hours away from you. :mrgreen:


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Re: Hello: Marklin AC or Trix DCC? (C-Tracks)

Post by Michelvr » 02.05.2019, 23:37

Hello Graham,

Kelowna, BC I’ll be there late June! My in-laws live there and it's as close to paradise in Canada as you can get.

I run Märklin - on C track for my layout and I’m just starting to look into Rocrail. Märklin has the best of both worlds concerning model railroading, quality and price! I used to be 2 rail DCC but will never go that route again as I am very happy with Märklin.

Both 2 rail and 3 rail work so all you need to do in dive in! The water's fine!



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