Ciao from Gabriele

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Ciao from Gabriele

Post by ggrspecialin » 04.06.2019, 12:53

My name is Gabriele from Italy

My layout is 3.5 m x 1.7 m single line with a little station and a ghost station ( an ovale basically)
There are 8 blocks with two sensor each.
Rocrail (of course) run on linux pc comunicating with gca -101 ethernet -loconet gateway .
After that a digitrax DCS-200 drive the trains , and few loconet gca-50 provide switch managment and feedback.
Feedbacks are 16 hall sensor, sending signal to gca -172
Finallly neodimium magnets (4x3x1mm) below each loco allow rocrail for auto mode
The layout style is italian, let say appennini mountains (center of Italy) era from 60' to 80
I hame happy with Rocrail apart for the documentations that is very extented but sometime confusing

Many Many Thanks to r.j.versluis and to all the teem for this great work


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Re: Ciao from Gabriele

Post by smitt48 » 04.06.2019, 13:03

Hi Gabriele,

Welcome by Rocrail, have fun with your layout!

ciao Tom

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Re: Ciao from Gabriele

Post by RedTrain » 04.06.2019, 17:03

Ciao Gabriele

Sounds like a nice layout :)
Welcome to the Rocrail community and lots of fun with your trains!

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