Hello from Chicago, Illinois, USA!

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Hello from Chicago, Illinois, USA!

Post by fieryturbo » 23.11.2015, 17:53

Hi everyone!

I have to say first that I love this product. It is SO much better than JMRI!

I have been able to get a small, diskless Linux thin client going running RocRail Server, and I connect to it with my Mac and Windows RocView clients, and via SRCP with iThrottle.

I love how flexible and stable RocRail is, as opposed to JMRI is Java on the client side, and is thus rather unstable.

It works great with my Roco 10761 command station running trains, though I am looking into getting a DiCoStation from LDT in the future.

Anyone else here using the DDX connection with RocRail anymore?


You devs are wonderful! :beer:

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Re: Hello from Chicago, Illinois, USA!

Post by rjversluis » 23.11.2015, 18:22

Hi 'missingfirstname',

I like your statement and I added it to the Quips:

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Re: Hello from Chicago, Illinois, USA!

Post by smitt48 » 23.11.2015, 18:39

Hi Chicago,

Princeville, IL speaking! Welcome to Rr.


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