Connect Marklin 6050 to Rapsbery (USB -> DB9)

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Connect Marklin 6050 to Rapsbery (USB -> DB9)

Post by Eedenj » 30.05.2019, 16:18

Dear all,
I hope someone can help me. I am completley new but looked for answer to my question but couldnt find it.
I have a Raspberry Pi 3 and want to connect it to my Marklin 6050 interface. This is a serial interface and on my Windows machine I used a converter cable from d9 to USB, that worked. No I want to use Rocrail on my Raspberry and want to use the same cable between my Raspberry and Marklin 6050. I don't get is working. I can imagine that I need some kind of driver on my Raspberry like I had on my Windows system as well. But unfortunately, I can't find such a driver. My question is/ are:
- Is it possible to run RolcRail on a Raspberry Pi in combination with the Marklin 6050 interface?
- How do I connect the serial interface from the Marklin interface to the Raspberry Pi?
- Do I have to configure any particular items within Rocrail?

Thank you!

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Re: Connect Marklin 6050 to Rapsbery (USB -> DB9)

Post by rjversluis » 31.05.2019, 10:03

Hi Jan,

please attach your files with this function:

The USB Serial device is

Code: Select all

But as user you must be in the dialout group to be able to use this device. ... cess_linux

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