Problems connection to intellibox via com

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Problems connection to intellibox via com

Postby norbi-ho » 04.01.2011, 17:14


I'm a newbee to rocrail - but I have experience with pc and 1 other program. Each time I try to connect rocrail via com3 to my Intellibox, I see "error on mutex trywait". When I now start WinDigipet (demo), I reach the Intellibox without problems. When I now stop Windigipet and start Rocrail, I can connect without any further problems. But each time I start my pc, I have first to connect via windigipet to the Intellibox and then connect by Rocrail.
Do you need more information (which?) to have an idea what is going wrong?
Best regards,

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Postby erwin24 » 04.01.2011, 17:42

Hi Norbert,

in the beginnings I had a similar situation (I believe) - the com has be initialized - my settings for com1 with Vista: 19200,8,n,1,xon/xoff.
In rocrail.ini:
<digint iid="Intellibox" lib="p50x" device="com1" timeout="2000" fbmod="6" fbpoll="false" ptsupport="true" flow="cts" bps="19200" stress="false" libpath="G:\rocrail2009\Rocrail" fbreset="false" systeminfo="true" fboffset="0"/>

These are my settings, with those I do not need another program to open the com.

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Postby norbi-ho » 04.01.2011, 19:24

Hi Erwin,

unfortunately didn't your hint help. I changed the com-settings as you described, but the behaviour of my system kept the same (even after a reboot of the pc - I've checked the com-parameters and the xon/xoff still was set.

Thank you anyway - maybe another user has an idea.


Postby ron&bram » 04.01.2011, 19:43

Hi Norbert,

It could be that windigipet sets the communication parameters of the IB to the correct value. You should check the communication parameters of the IB and maybe also the special options settings (SO values). Did you check the wiki page on setting up the IB (classic?)
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