Intellibox with mbtronik Flüsterantrieb (whisper drive)

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Intellibox with mbtronik Flüsterantrieb (whisper drive)

Postby cvalder » 15.03.2012, 21:11

I notice a strange behavior when trying to control the servo decode of mbtronik (WA4). I use a Delll Laptop with Windows XP connected via serial port with an Intellibox.
When I throw a switch from the IB everything is okay:
- first relay opens connection to frog (klack!)
- switch moves to opposite track
- second relay closes connection to frog (klack!)
But throwing a switch with rocrail leads to three times open/close of a relay (klack-klack-klack).
IMHO I thought that rocrail makes the IB send ONE DCC command to move the switch. But there is something different.
Using a locobuffer instead of serial connection makes the servo decoder work correct.
Any ideas?

Kind regards, Christian.

Postby Besra » 16.03.2012, 19:38

Hi Christian,

for an answer please see your identical posting in German.
Please avoid double postings in future for clarity reasons.

Best regards
Maerklin H0, DCC and MM, Intellibox (I) via ULNI, Booster Tams B4, Throttle Digitrax UT4, LocoNet.
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Rocweb, Win10 32bit & 64bit

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