Controlling switches, lights etc using SRCP & Arduino

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Controlling switches, lights etc using SRCP & Arduino

Post by copter » 05.06.2010, 10:20

Hello all,

I just wanted to let you know that I'm building my own micro controller / PC software framework that uses SRCP. My plan is to use Rocrail for control of components, but I will be manually operating my trains. At least for now.

So I wanted to create my own way of controlling switches etc without expensive central stations, since I don't have one and I also have plenty of components available. There is proxy software running at same PC where Rocrail is running. It communicates with Rocrail with TCP and micro controllers via serial. Other ways (wireless) I might add later.

Micro controllers are Arduino boards, that control switches using relays. Lights are controlled using MAX72XX chips. Switches and lights are first components that I will be working with, but it's easy to add more.

I'll be posting information more later and naturally publishing the software + Arduino code and schematics. Solution is cheap, since Arduino controllers are very cheap, there's not much components needed for schematics and also non-digital switch motors can be used since that are half the price compared to digital.

More information from Arduino in case you are not familiar with already:


Post by Ol_Nick » 06.06.2010, 22:29

Hiya !

I played with Arduinos about 6 months ago (there's a post about it somewhere, I think). I think the conclusion I came to was that the home-made Rocrail interfaces were just as cheap, and made for the job, but I daresay I'll find somewhere on the layout for an Arduino or two :)

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Have a look at microSRCP

Post by JStein » 29.09.2013, 16:25

I don't know what you want to built with the arduino, but hava a look at this thread (and also search for microSRCP in the net.)


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