srcpd and Raspberry Pi

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srcpd and Raspberry Pi

Postby Richard-TX » 19.04.2013, 00:15

I came up with a new module for srcpd. Designed for the Raspberry, what it does is execute a script on a per accessory basis. Designed with lighting in mind, it could control any device(s) connected to the Raspberry GPIO bus or play sounds, or ....

The tarball is at

Postby Richard-TX » 19.04.2013, 02:44

A few notes are in order when implementing the RPI-srcpd server.

1 - When configuring a switch or accessory, the bus number is ignored in Rocrail.

2 - The address number and port numbers are added together to come up with the srcpd address.

3 - The Protocol defines the srcpd bus number.

4 - Any bus number defined in scrpd.conf is more of a comment than anything else.

To handle thousands of devices, adding additional protocols (bus numbers) will circumvent any limitations of srcpd.

I could have handled the execing of the external commands a bit more elegantly. One option that would be nice would be to call a command with arguments. That could make the writing of many GPIO device control programs easier.

There is no feedback on the RPI defined device. My feeling is that there is no point in having feedback on non critical devices.

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