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Postby rjversluis » 28.04.2013, 16:07

After a reset all settings are gone and other srcp clients won't like it.
Common CSs demand speed steps at every command; The SRCP protocol is not really up to date and last modified in 2010.
I could provide a SRCP reset command but it would be better to have a reset command for one device only in the SRCP context...

The SRCPD connects to command stations and also have a 'DDX' inside which Rocrail covers all. So why using SRCPD when you already have Rocrail!? :mrgreen:

In short: Forget it.
Best Regards, Rob.
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Postby Richard-TX » 28.04.2013, 19:12

Using srcpd as a wedge or protocol converter is absolutely pointless.

In my case I am turning srcpd and the hardware it runs on (Rpi) into an addressable decoder or possibly a true CS.

I think I will abandon the loco portion of srcpd for now. One day a RPI and srcpd server will be true CS and then the issue can be addressed.

On the plus side, Rocrail is the only software that even deals with srcp properly.

Postby Richard-TX » 28.04.2013, 22:31

I am dropping this issue. The current version of srcpd is broken. I have tried a server reset and a TERM <bus> GL <locoid> and srcpd still hangs onto the old paramaters. Only a stop and restart of srcpd fixes the speed change issue.


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