[Solved} srcp switches and outputs

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[Solved} srcp switches and outputs

Postby Richard-TX » 10.06.2013, 01:44


I am seeing something I have not seen before.

Switch [s-sw1] will be set to [turnout,1,0]
command written: SET 1 GA 40 1 1 -1#

Everything seems to have a trailing "#"

command written: SET 2 POWER OFF#

Is the "#" supposed to be there?
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Postby Richard-TX » 10.06.2013, 01:49

here is the trace
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Postby rjversluis » 10.06.2013, 06:11

Its just the trace line; I replaced the "\n" with "#" and forgot it to remove it after testing.
The "\n" is send to SRCPD.
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Postby Richard-TX » 10.06.2013, 06:34

I am not sure it would affect anything even it it was sent. srpcd seems to ignore extra parameters depending on what device is being set.

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