[Solved] Possible malloc() problem SRCPD

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[Solved] Possible malloc() problem SRCPD

Postby Richard-TX » 04.07.2013, 16:29

Rob and Lothar,

I think I found a malloc issue...well maybe it a free() issue.

What happens is with each srcp connection to Rocrail the amount of memory used by Rocrail grows. According to what I am seeing the amount of memory used is +12k per connection. After 100 connections the amount of memory used by rocrail.exe is an additional 120k.

To duplicate the issue start Rocrail on a PC and configure it so that it will listen for incoming srcp connections.

Then run a script that opens a srcp connection to Rocrail, issues some sort of srcp command and then closes. The srcp command I used was to set a fb device.

Open a win taskmanager , select performance and watch the memory allocated by rocrail.exe grow with each run of the script..

I discovered this as part of my regression testing.

This occurs on version 5501
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Postby Richard-TX » 04.07.2013, 16:29

here is the trace file.

I think this is a low priority bug. It generally takes a few thousand sessions before windows complains about being low on memory and if the connections persist, rocrail will eventually stop.
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Postby rjversluis » 04.07.2013, 18:56

Hi Richard,

tnx for reporting.
Should be fixed in 5508.
Best Regards, Rob.
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Postby Richard-TX » 05.07.2013, 13:25

And indeed it is fixed.

Thanks Rob!!

:well_done: :goodjob:

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