Ethernet Cable

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Ethernet Cable

Postby herrenax » 17.07.2012, 07:04

How to connect ethernet cable from a router to a 7 year old Dell pc whose port is small-can only connect phone? I need to connect yellow ethernet cable from my broadband router to my 7 year old Dell PC.Problem is ethernet cable's jack seems bigger than the network port of my PC.
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Postby Pirat-Kapitan » 17.07.2012, 07:10

Phone ist not an ethernet,
Therefore there is no way to connect.
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Re: Ethernet Cable

Postby RainerK » 17.07.2012, 08:41

Hi herrenax,
herrenax wrote:...the network port of my PC.
it's definitly not a network port.
But it's very probably a ISDN-interface or line connector of a internal analog phone-modem.
So You need to buy a ethernet card and plug them in a free PCI-slot.
May be, You should removing the unnecessary old interface or modem, to get a free slot.

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