[SOLVED] MGV50 with DCS100

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[SOLVED] MGV50 with DCS100

Postby mcnaugg » 20.12.2013, 10:23

Thanks to feedback from a previous question I posed I am now ready to make up a RJ12 to Rs232 cable to connect between my DCS100 CS and a MGV50 1/0 unit. I then realised that I needed a power feed to the MGV50 of 13v on pins 1/6 and 5/9 of the RS232 connection.

If I am reading the docs correctly this would normally be supplied by using a MGV85 Locobuffer but since I am not using an MGV85 do I supply 13v DC to the second ( unused at the moment) RS232 on my MGV50 (pins 1/6 and 5/9)?
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Postby RainerK » 20.12.2013, 12:00


yes, You are right, please connect GND to pins 1+6 and +13V to pins 5+9 of the D-SUB 9 connector.

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Postby mcnaugg » 20.12.2013, 18:02

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