How to setup Lenz feedbacks

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robs on the job

How to setup Lenz feedbacks

Post by robs on the job » 08.08.2009, 13:02

ADMIN: i put this into a new thread

Hi ive sold my elite system and have gone over to Lenz :D
Can you let me know if the LBR101 feedback system is supported by rocrail and if so how is the module programmed to rocrail,the module is programed to 65 as per lenz instruction ,just need to knw if rocrail is capable of seeing this and if so how and where is it all done( blocks ,signals?) Also im using and old version of rocrail cos im not sure of what i should be puting in the INI file/ ive tried doing what is said in the wiki but not get any loco to move But can turn on -off power ok ??? the old version works fine not sure if it is 2664 version please forgive my ignorance in knowing this ( on a seperate pc with know internet)
Thanks for any help offerd
Im connected using a LI101f ,LBR101 and LB101 to com4

jeanmichel wrote:Hi Christian,

okay this two are not in my inventory. So let's count the devices that work well tested with RR:

- LI101F
- Gen-Li
- Gen-Li-S88

This list should expand! :) Anyone something else?


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Post by cwichmann » 08.08.2009, 13:31

Hi Rob,
Can you let me know if the LBR101 feedback system is supported by rocrail
expressnet feedbacks are supported by the command station, not by Rocrail. If the Command station can "see" the feedbacks the signal will be send to Rocrail.

As usual, please post rocrail.ini, plan file and trace files.

Please read this:

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