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Unable to connect to Lenz LiEth 23151

Posted: 15.08.2017, 10:41
by wimorrison
I am trying to connect RocRail to my 23151 LI-USB-Ethernet interface on ip-address and I know that I can access it as I use the Lenz software to access the device. I can also access the device at this address using Touchcab from my iPhone however I seem unable to get Rocrail to connect.

The programme looks very interesting and I think that it will suit my needs for automate control, but only once I have managed to connect.

Any suggestions on how to achieve the connection?

I am using Windows 10 if that changes the solution and my attempts at configuration are shown in this image
Many Thanks

Iain Morrison

Re: Unable to connect 23151

Posted: 15.08.2017, 10:46
by rjversluis
Hi Iain,

we need some files to be able to help you:

Re: Unable to connect 23151

Posted: 15.08.2017, 11:06
by wimorrison
and now with an attachment of files - hopefully the correct ones as RocRail didn't create a zip file as suggested.

Re: Unable to connect 23151

Posted: 15.08.2017, 12:03
by rjversluis
Looks like a firewall issue; Rocrail must be allowed to open a connection and communication with

I use this Interface for testing with Ethernet very often; No problem.