The great Lenz Thread (Including statement)

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The great Lenz Thread (Including statement)

Postby jeanmichel » 28.06.2008, 21:57

Hi Forum,

As the Lenz threads are more and more popular and every manufacturer uses to implement the XpressNet protocol in it's own flavor (including roco, hornby ... ) And this is a PITA.

So what is actually working: The serial Lenz Interfaces and everything behind them in the XpressNet.

And now to the problematic devices: roco, elite, LI-USB. These devices use some extensions to the "real" XpressNet. More or less straight to the standard.

As I don't own any of this devices it is not easily possible for me to implement the drivers for them. With the roco device Steen and me where very successfull, this is based on personal sympathy ;) Thank you Steen! We keep it rocking!

OK, what I want to say is: lenz is supported to the serial devices and roco seems to work except some problems with the feedbacks.

At the moment I am at the end with my time capacities to write some code for the elite or the LI-USB. The first priority has the roco lib, and then we will see.

If someone gets one of the devices working with clean code changes, I will be happy, please send them to me.


P.S. I'm pretty shure I get every device working, just send the Box to me ... "realtime" traces are allways better than "email" traces ;)

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