Lenz & LDT RS-8

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Post by jeanmichel » 02.05.2009, 07:46

Hi Martin,

if the RS-8 is connected to the DCC Signal you can push the little button and switch the turnout with the adress your RS-8 should have. Thats all.


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Post by 73funki » 07.06.2009, 20:52

Hi Martin!

Are there any problems with Lenz and RS-8? I'm using the RS-8 with rocrail and LH100 behind a LZV-100.



Post by jeanmichel » 07.06.2009, 21:02

No, there are no problems at all.

You can control the locos with Lenz. get the Feedback in with an Intellibox an switch the turnouts with DDX or whatever.

The big problem I see is that allways the functionality of rr is mixed with the driver the used CS. These are completely different layers. If there is any problem in automode this has NOTHING to do with the CS. So as I sayd:you can use your plan.xml with any CS you like. Please try to divide these two things in the postings and complains!



Post by jeanmichel » 07.06.2009, 21:05


if the RS-8 is not working than this is a problem of the CS. RR or the lenz driver lib can only react on things the CS is telling them.

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