config Turnout digital decoder 74460 in Rocview

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Postby agre30 » 08.01.2013, 18:59

The file Rocrail.ini is missing in the Rocrail directory, so I cannot see how your command station is configured, but because you can run trains I assume you did that right.

Lets say your switch sw1 has adress 11.
On the Interface tab you should choose protocol: Motorola, Adress 4, Port 3
If sw2 has adress 12, you choose Adress 4, Port 4 (and of course protocol: Motorola)

I hope this works.

Märklin 3-rail
Lubuntu 16.04 (server and client) / TamsMC - Booster B-2 / HSI88 / S88N
Stoom / steam / dampf / diesel / E-loc

Switch 74460

Postby mryde » 08.01.2013, 19:55


That was it. I did change the power connectors and indeed it worked. I am embarrassed but also happy. How odd that he locos work as the shall buy not the turnouts! Not very good.

Anyway, Thanks!

Now I can dig into Rocrail deeper. Hopefully I will avid these kind of weird problems in the future.

Again, thanks a million!!!




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