New development in CS2 support

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New development in CS2 support

Postby ron&bram » 29.11.2009, 20:18

Greetings CS2 users,

Recently, support for DCC decoders has been added to Rocrail, ofcourse only when the CS2 firmware also supports this.
Now, in Rocrail 1.4, revision 1054 or higher, support for "two way communication" has been added. This means that when a switch is operated from the user interface of the CS2, this is detected by Rocrail. When the switch has been defined in Rocrail, Rocrail/Rocview will then update the position of the switch so that it matches the position on the CS2. This is the reverse of operating a switch in Rocrail and seeing it change on the CS2. The same thing has been implemented for loc functions.
What remains is loc speed and loc direction. Here however, is a problem that I would like to hear other users opinion on. It is stated in the Märklin can protocol description that when changing the direction of a running loc, the CS2 will set the speed of that loc to zero. However, the CS2 will not broadcast the changed speed. When the direction change is done through Rocrail, there is no problem, because the direction change command is followed by a speed command. The problem occurs when the direction of a running loc is changed using the CS2 user interface. The changed direction is noticed and shown in the CS2 and in Rocrail, but both the CS2 and Rocrail will indicate that the loc is running, while in reality the loc stops. I consider this a sort of CS2 bug, setting the speed to zero without broadcasting this. Now, is this a problem that would prevent enabling the two way communication for loc speed and loc direction? There is no easy fix that can applied in Rocrail for the speed discrepancy when changing the direction of a running loc via the CS2 user interface.

For all those who are now going to ask "what about signals and outputs", unless I overlooked something, there are no provisions in Rocrail for such a two way communication.

I welcome your comments.

Best regards, Ronald
Best regards, Viele Grüsse, vriendelijke groeten, Ronald :rr_cap:
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