CS2 and mfx not working at all

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CS2 and mfx not working at all

Postby ulwen » 18.08.2011, 12:39

Hi there!

New member since yesterday. Read my introduction in that section if needed.

Anyway. I set up RocRail with at CS2 60214 and got everything to work at once.
Except for one thing. mfx-locos didn't work at all.
Followed the guide in the wiki and used the sid and so on and so on.

Today I got i working and discovered a design misstake (or bug :) ) in RocRail.

When defining the controls for the system i entered "CS 2" with a white space. I used the same name i System-ID in the loco settings (even if its not obvious and documented completely).

As an old programmer I begun to test for programmers misstakes, and removed the space in both the control-settings and in the loco-settings. Restarted the RocRail (ans server) and VOILA - IT worked.
Maybe it could be found in some logs also and is reproduceable.

But I want to file it as a bug. Either that it's not allowed to enter white spaces in the name of system ID, or the matching functions uses the entire string with data in the whole system.

Anyway, thanks for a good system, I can continue my evaluation now.


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