CS1 and S88

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CS1 and S88

Post by vinceherman » 21.05.2012, 18:30

I am trying to learn to use Rocrail using a CS1. I have control of the turnouts and the locos from Rocrail, but my attempts to get the S88 sensors to do anything have failed.
I see a series of messages show up on the server every time a sensor is crossed by a loco and when I manually throw the sensors. But none of the sensors I have on my Rocrail layout show a response.
The properties for the Ecos controller have the sensor field grayed out.
Am I missing something? I through that I needed to indicate how many S88 units were installed.

If there is more information that you need to help troubleshoot, let me know.


p.s. I am trying to learn to use this software so that our club layout can use this as well. That will be a CS2 with many S88 modules. But small and simple first.

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Post by rjversluis » 21.05.2012, 18:33

Hi Vince,

did you try the forum search?


Search for "cs1 s88" with option "Search for all terms" activated.

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Post by vinceherman » 22.05.2012, 03:11

Hi Rob,
Thanks for getting back to me.
I have been researching this, trying not to be the typical newbie who asks without researching.
I am probably a little confused because the controller I have to practice on is a CS1 and the club layout controller is a CS2. I think that these 2 controllers are slightly different when it comes to the s88.

I have read and re-read the posts that look like they have similar information to what I am trying to do. I think that I have everything connected properly, and I hope that I have the software configured properly.

I was hoping that I would see some visual indication on the Rocview track plan. I made a layout that is the same configuration as the sample track plan. I have 6 sensor tracks. 4 sensor tracks are the Marklin 24994 sensors plugged in to ports 1-8. 2 sensor tracks are the Marklin 24995 plugged in to ports 15 and 16.

For much of my time struggling, I have seen no activity on the track plan. Not until I added the switch on port 16. NOW I see activity. Each time the loco goes over any switch in any direction, the switch 16 on the track plan blinks red.

I was expecting to see each sensor only light up its own sensor on the track plan. And in the case of the 24994, only if the loco is traveling in the proper direction for how the switch is physically facing.

My confusion continues...

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Post by vinceherman » 22.05.2012, 04:19

OK, this is what I have done, and what results I have had.
I have played around with the various settings on the sensors. I suspect that I have not always hit Apply between each sensor property change, so I likely was not testing each setting change properly.
I have been more diligent about hitting OK or Apply before moving on to the next sensor.

I can not understand why almost every sensor would make sensor 16 blink before. After a reboot of both the CS1 and Rocrail, that has not repeated.
Now I get fairly consistent results. I have one sensor track that is never working, and one sensor track that once triggered, sticks. I can play with that to see if I can clean it up.

Sensor 16 now shows good behavior. Blinking red when the loco goes over or when I short the 2 rails.
I unplugged it from port 16 and plugged it in to port 15. Sensor 15 on the track plan shows no response. Is it possible that I have bad ports on the S88? If that does happen, I can bring home one of the many that the club owns for further testing.

I still have not started playing with blocks. That is what I am trying to get to so that I can learn setting them up.
More tinkering. More reading.

Tomorrow I attend the club build session to report my progress. I will likely bring home a few more sensor tracks and another S88 or two.

(of the slow, painful progress)

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Post by Blackpixel83 » 11.03.2013, 19:50


I have also some pb with de s88 on the CS1.
My CS1 is not "reloaded", i have the last firmware from Marklin 2.0.4, the rocrail doc says 1.1.1 min so i must be ok !

The problem is that RR react 30 second or more to the event. It is very strange.

(JMRI work just fine :( I have also try TC it work also) ....

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