Fleischmann H0 Profile Point motor

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Fleischmann H0 Profile Point motor

Post by cdnriderdcc » 21.04.2019, 01:56


Any suggestions for controlling Fleischmann turnouts. I have the Fleischman. Point motors but them are very touchy and weak

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Re: Fleischmann H0 Profile Point motor

Post by cornelis » 07.05.2019, 14:33

Yes they are weak and touchy. I use Dinamo PM32 that has timed pulses by default. Therefore I have removed the internal switches and connected the coils directly to the wires as advised by Leon van Perlo the developer of Dinamo. If you can adjust the pulse length of your interfaces then you do not need the switches he rightfully states.

Most control units run magnetic articles on DC: That is another reason to remove those switches because they arc on DC when they turn off the coil and burn themselves to failure. I use 19 VDC. And finally the points need to be very clean and lubricated because as you say they are very weak.

PS you need to do some experimentation with the soldering and wiring to bypass the switches. If you are stuck I can take one apart and take some pictures to show how I did them.



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