SOLVED BBT display of results

SOLVED BBT display of results

Postby cornelis » 25.08.2017, 15:51

Hi there

I have had another go at my little test layout. brief description Two sensors per block enter and in. Sensors around 200 mm long. Locos calibrated to 140-150 km/h. HO mainly NS. Trains stop perfectly in paticular in station. Each time within roughly 20 mm. BBT enabled in loco and block. Default values used.

Question is where can I see the paramters displayed what it has actually done?


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Re: BBT display of results

Postby smitt48 » 25.08.2017, 18:29

Hi Cornelis,

Probeer eens te lijken naar de BBT tab voor locomotiven. Is dat wat je bedoelt?
Oops that was Dutch!
Try to look at the BBT tab for locomotives. Is that what you mean?

Kind regards,
Tom Smit
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Re: BBT display of results

Postby cornelis » 26.08.2017, 16:08

Hi Tom

I was looking for it and couldn't find it. Yes that is the one. Thanks. Ik liep me even het lazerus te zoeken. Whoops that is saying the same thing and not really translatable.



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