Rocrail in Australia

Rocrail in Australia

Postby cornelis » 08.09.2017, 15:03

Hi there in Australia

Who uses rocrail in australia? I am located in Perth.



Re: Rocrail in Australia

Postby applor » 09.04.2018, 08:43

I am in Brisbane and I am/will be using Rocrail.

Currently building my layout and programming it in Rocrail but yet to use or test it.

I am modelling 1954 Germany with Marklin 3 rail though and I imagine you are modelling Australian trains with DCC 2 rail?

My build: ... 4-Apr-2018
Best Regards - Eric
modelling 1954 Germany. Marklin K track.

Re: Rocrail in Australia

Postby rjversluis » 09.04.2018, 09:26


you have to login on this site...
It makes no sense to post here none public links.
Best Regards, Rob.
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Re: Rocrail in Australia

Postby Besra » 09.04.2018, 11:22

Hi Eric,

what an amazing project! I had a brief look at the forum thread but of course you'd need a whole weekend to follow your work. Great progress since you started in 2016. I'm looking forward to see more and maybe one day a video of your layout controlled by Rocrail :) Btw. you have an Youtube account which you could link here because it's public ;)

When it comes to Rocrail: Please start simple if you didn't already. It may be wise to built a test track and learn the first steps with Rocrail from it. As your layout grew over years, PC control needs time to learn about and to implement. [Edit: After downloading your plan from another thread I've seen your progress with Rocrail, too.]

Hi Rob,
It makes no sense to post here none public links.
well, for those of us having a login it does ;)

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Re: Rocrail in Australia

Postby applor » 11.04.2018, 08:44

Hi Rob I am sorry you cannot view my build page, I did not realise it was private. If you are interested you can always register it is very easy and no big deal.

Hi Bernd - Thankyou for your very kind comments about my layout. I am grateful for your praise as I don't always get much feedback.
Yes I have a youtube account and an imgur account but I use them mostly for random things I need to share, rather than to show case my work.

I have not yet started with Rocrail because I still need to connect my S88 modules to the bus and then to my PC which also requires wiring my accessories power bus - all on the to do list but something I must do sooner rather than later.
I also did not have a proper control station until recently - I only have a MS2 for now but I have borrowed a CS2 which I need to be able to test.
Obviously hoping for no dramas when I get to testing, though I have designed and built my layout with automation and PC control in mind.
Only recently did I lay the main station through tracks too, which was another hurdle to initial testing.

No doubt as I get further along and do testing with Rocrail in earnest, I will be on these forums more often:)
Best Regards - Eric
modelling 1954 Germany. Marklin K track.

Re: Rocrail in Australia

Postby 4527pink » 11.04.2018, 23:50

Just to say, I just started in Rocrail as well.
and I live in Adelaide South Austraila,

Re: Rocrail in Australia

Postby smitt48 » 12.04.2018, 12:34

Hi Andrew,

Welcome to Rocrail!

Kind regards,
Tom Smit
Kralendijk, Bonaire - Dutch Caribbean

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Re: Rocrail in Australia

Postby RedTrain » 12.04.2018, 15:15

Hello Cornelis and Andrew

Welcome to the Rocrail community - Have fun with trains and RR! :)
Beste Grüsse / kind regards - Carlo

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Re: Rocrail in Australia

Postby cornelis » 09.05.2018, 15:47

Hi Guys
Have been away on holidays and busy with work, just logged in again and seen there are now three of us in Aus?

I am still busy with laying track and making points. I keep a MS word document of my progress with pictures, happy to share but unfortunately can't be done on this platform.



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