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Rocrail Accessory/Signal Inventory?

Posted: 28.10.2018, 09:50
by apemberton
Can someone advise me if I can obtain an inventory of my accessory decoder addresses and assignments from Rocrail? I can't find any references to such a table and I'm now getting confused what I have assigned and what addresses the devices use.
I would like to create a spreadsheet with my switch and signal settings as I am losing track of what I have assigned so far. Apart from trawling through the .xml file, is there an easier way?

I have been spending days trying to work out how to set complex signals and my Qdecoders to work with Rocrail (with limited success as I need to create new symbols for SZD signals) and keep the info in a place other than my head (which hurts :? ). Incidentally the problems of addressing Qdecoders is not helped by some odd addressing by their Qrail software. I have no idea why the addresses they (Qdecoder) assign seem to be 56 higher than the real address written to the decoder and Rocrail (correctly) assigns and uses!

Thanks in advance

Re: Rocrail Accessory/Signal Inventory?

Posted: 28.10.2018, 13:27
by smitt48
Hi Tony,

My answer seems to be too easy. :shock:
You can sort the addresses in the switch and signal tables by address.
Using the documentation button allows you to print the data.

I hope this is what you meant with your question. :oops:


Re: Rocrail Accessory/Signal Inventory?

Posted: 28.10.2018, 15:37
by apemberton
Thanks Tom, I had forgotten the button - I've never used it so far. It is a start anyway. I just thought there might be something not obvious in the vast WiKi documentation! :thumb_up: