HSI-S88 USB - is there an idiot's guide ?

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HSI-S88 USB - is there an idiot's guide ?

Postby Ol_Nick » 11.09.2010, 15:31

I've got hold of a LDT HSI-88 USB interface, but I'm very confused about how to integrate it into Rocrail - is there an idiots guide ? :oops:

I fall at the first hurdle "Select the HSI88 USB type."

There isn't one ! Please help - I'm probably (as usual) missing something pretty obvious here ?

I'm running Windows XP, incidentally :)

Postby rjversluis » 11.09.2010, 15:50

If USB type is not selectable you are probably using a too old revision of Rocrail. Just install the latest snapshot.

This device is using a very odd approach to communicate with a computer and works only running Windows.

My advice: Buy a RS232 type and use it with a RS232-USB converter if your PC does not have a RS232 interface, or swap the USB at your dealer for a RS232.
Why? I did implement it but I do not support it because I do no longer have such a device and I never boot windows.
Best Regards, Rob.
:!: PS: Do not forget to attach the usual files.
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Postby Ol_Nick » 11.09.2010, 16:39

Ahh, thanks.... it's OK now. I'm sorry, but I was brought up in an industry where you didn't use software until it was officially released, and I'd assumed that the snapshots were for the more experienced user.

Thanks again ! :)

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