Problems with ddx Maerklin Delta and ORA1

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Postby P_II » 09.04.2010, 21:20

today I have checked the signals with an oszi. The output voltage of the delta is zero :( The TXD signal on the serial ports looks good as fare as I can say. The only thing that looks a little bit strange. The maximum voltage is approximately 1 volt the minimum is approx. -3 volt. I hope I remember the numbers correctly. But the range should be correct. Unfortunately I was not able to take a photo or print the plot. Does this explain why the output voltage of the delta is zeor?

Can someone give me a hint what to do?


Postby ViktorHotel » 09.04.2010, 22:35

Hi Philipp,

a voltage level between 1V and -3V is not ok. ... _trace.svg
in german: ... versorgung

Do you measured these voltages with connected delta booster and without ?

Best regards,
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Postby P_II » 10.04.2010, 08:58

Hi Volker,

I measured it with and without delta connected.
Today I'll test another serial port with the delta and I'll measure it with the oszi next week.


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