DDW-Server V0.8019 - no funktion of S88 moduls

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DDW-Server V0.8019 - no funktion of S88 moduls

Postby razorbladecv » 16.06.2010, 19:40

is there anyone how has the same problem as me ?

I am using S88 LDT back detectors for my märklin model railway and since version DDW V0.80 they are out of funktion

...but i can still see the correct funktion in the Testprogramm Monitor.exe from the DDW site

..as Client i am using Rocrail

maybe there is a problem between DDW and Rocrail ?


When i am starting DDW Server 0.76 and Rocrail with the same settings,
everything is running fine...i got S88 sensor readings in rocrail...but in this old version i can´t turn my switches, so thats why i need the new Version from DDW

but there is still this fu**ing problem with no S88 connections...

who can help me ?

i would be pleased...

Postby rjversluis » 16.06.2010, 20:08


did the DDW change its protocol?
Anyway you should provide the rocrail trace in which is seen how ddw and rocrail are connecting.
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Postby razorbladecv » 16.06.2010, 20:39

im testing now with ddx from rocrail directly, this seems to be fine...

I do more tests tomorrow.

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