light ON/OFF incorrectly transmitted for MFX with BiDi
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light ON/OFF incorrectly transmitted for MFX with BiDi

Post by peter_moulin » 17.01.2018, 11:10

There is a discrepancy between what is shown in Rocrail Controller window and what is send to GBMMaster.

With a loco M4 at address 5, protocol MFX selected in the latest version of Rocrail.
Clicking on F0 for that loco the Rocrail controller windows display
10:46:58 Loco 5 V=0 dir=fwd lights=on steps=126 format=7
But GBM receives
64 05 00 07 01 80 00 00 00 00 D8 which means
64 = MSG_CS_DRIVE, address l=5 h=0 format=7 active= 1 which is transmit only speed.
The light info is not transmitted except for the third message which is probably too close of the last speed message

Proposed solution:
In MSG_CS_DRIVE Change the value for parameter active. change from 1 to 3.
The specs for active =2 says Do output F1..F4 where in fact it is F0..F4 as describe in DATA3 of the specs
DATA3 is Fl,F4-F1;3MSB reserved
bit order 3*reserved,FL(light)F4,F3,F2,F1

don't transmit the third message which is about function light. That last third message is probably too close to the first two.
Transmitting only one message with speed and light will be enough.

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