opendcc/rocrail points are powerless after read/write cvs
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opendcc/rocrail points are powerless after read/write cvs

Post by gramels » 25.02.2010, 22:31

This might be an other bug or just something in my config.

I recogniced that my points connected to my zweipol decoder ( did not switch, just some little motion.

After 4h of finding the bug I reapplied the default eeprom setting in openDCC.

I retested it now and recognized the following behaviour:

new flashed openDCC -> all fine, points are switching
read cv in openDCC config/ some changes/ write cv -> points are powerless
reflash openDCC eeprom -> all fine

I could not exactly identify if I set a wrong DCC setting, but the switches settings remained the same.

Any ideas?
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Re: opendecc/rocrail points are powerless after read/write c

Post by opendcc » 26.02.2010, 18:39

Hello Lothar,

I just tried this out and could see no influence. What SOs are you changing? (if i.e. You set the repetition count for accessory to 0 - you'll get this behavior.)

At this point a portmon log file could clearly identify the 'troublemaker'.

br Wolfgang

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