opendcc decoder hardware 2
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opendcc decoder hardware 2

Post by nzin » 03.02.2013, 21:09


this is more linked to the hardware than the software, I know.

I'm stuck since one month on that.
I want to use opendcc decoder v2 to control conrad 219998 switch motor.
I have a working opendcc controller (which is working as a charm: dcc, xpresnnet, I manage to control loco and cobalt switch motor)

I have built the hardware 2, and uploaded the v13 "servo" firmware (from was it the good one to upload?

When I switch it on, the led blinks (at least the firmware is here :-)). It blinks in fact 5 times, make a pause, and blinks 5 times again, make pause ... you got it. I don't manage to know if it is good sign or not.

If I press the programming button on the opendcc decoder, the led stop blinks and turns on, normal, but I don't manage to send any information.

Maybe I have a hardware problem (i.e. the logic from DCC cable to the micro-controller) but I didn't see anything wrong.

So I wanted to know, in a normal case for people experimenting with opendcc decoder, how do you program your decoder normaly? which firmware and how to send it a correct address).

Maybe it is too much pain and I should throw it away and buy switch motor controller?
Thank you for any help.


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Post by ste111 » 04.02.2013, 20:48

Hello Nicolas,

you have to program a addess into the decoder.
Here you can find the description of the 'blink messages': ... faq_e.html




Post by nzin » 07.02.2013, 14:39


so sounds good, it needs an address.
So here is my trouble. How can I give it an address.
As I understood, there are 2 ways to give it an address:
- I "just" have to press the push button, and send a switch a signal, and it will owns the switch address.
- or I can send CV


I will send later a photo of my hardware 2.1, but I think I connect it right but it doesn't work.

How in rocrail do we usually send cv, on PoM to a switch? (i tried, but either the DCC part of the hardware is fucked, or I didn't follow the proper procedure on rocrail)



HP 16

Post by HP 16 » 10.02.2013, 11:48

Hey Nicolas

I use a different setup than you, but i think your issue is similar to mine.

I use Sporg II as dcc controller to transmit signal from rocrail to my locos and switches.
My switches (servomotors) are handled by ESU SwitchPilot Servo modules.

What i do, is that i connect my ESU Switchpilot directly to the Sprog II dcc controller to be able to program it (it's decoder is different form a loco decoder).
I use Directly, not PoM!
I give an adress by selecting the CV 1 and then write the wanted adress in the value field and press Set button.
I do it in the bottom part of the programming window.

I started out by programming PoM, but that didn't work at all. I think maybe beacause it's not loc decoders.

Good luck with the programming.

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Post by ste111 » 12.02.2013, 09:55

Hello Nicolas,

you can push the button and then send a address via the switch control dialog:




Post by nzin » 14.02.2013, 02:36

ste111 wrote:Hello Nicolas,

you can push the button and then send a address via the switch control dialog:

Thank for the info, but... nothing. I guess this is an hardware problem, so.

Here is my board:
yeah the 2 yellow strings are to fetch power into. In the v2.0 decoder there is a jumper for that, but I don't have seen it in the schematic of the v2.1

If others have build the opendecoder 2.1, maybe they can give me a clue.

What I tried:
- opendcc is up,
- the decoder is directly connected to the normal dcc network (not the programming)
- I push the "push-button", the led lights and stay up
- I send switch order via rocrail (via the dialog box you guided me to)
- I send switch order via my multimaus
- Nothing appends.

I guess that when opendcc decoder see an address the led should stop staying up, or its behaviour should change, right?
There is not jumper to connect before/after?

I know that I have no problem with rocrail, opendcc central, or the multimauss because I have Cobalt switch motor that I can give commands.

I don't have oscilloscope at home, so it is a bit hard to debug. Only one at work :-(


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Post by opendcc » 03.03.2013, 08:37


two of the most common errors:
:arrow: Forgetting the CLKDIV8 Fuse: The processor will run with the wrong speed, thus not detecting DCC properly.
:arrow: Wrong Optocoupler / ommited pullup: again, DCC detection will fail.

best regards


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