Control GCA145 via OneControl (Fiddleyard/Traverser)

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Re: Control GCA145 via OneControl (Fiddleyard/Traverser)

Postby phg » 28.10.2015, 22:12

Hi Andi,

your answers:
What exactly does high and low mean here, is that the same like 5+ and GND?

Exactly that or say : ON and OFF, or TRUE and FALSE or YES and NO, etc.
You write that the positioning pins are J5 (1) to (6) but the online Doku says that it is J5 (3) to (8). I aassume the online docu is right.

You are right here, my mistake. Pin 3=port 1 Pin4 is port 2 etc.
what is digit 1 for the positioning, where does the digital number "start": is it J5 (3) or (8)?

Is all listed in the GCA145 page.
Pin3 = port 1(9) = Least Significant Bit (L.S.B) of position select to GCA145
Pin8 = port 6(14) = Most Significant Bit (M.S.B) of position select to GCA145
Pin9 = port 7(15) = New postiion Flag
Pin10 = port8(16) = postion ready feed-back

I did not understand why it can not be activated via micro switches: I press the positioning switches and hold them down, then I tip the command pin and AFTER that I release the positioning pins. Isn't that what Onecontrol would be supposed to do, too?

That is correct but you did not tell me before that you could hold down all switches at the same time.
Please remind that switch pressed is 0. So if you want position #1, you have to hold down 5 switches, 2-6 !
In my opinion a rather stupid way to test it!

I do NOT know anything about Onecontrol !
Best regards, herzliche Grüße, chaleureuses salutations, saludo cordial, migliori saluti, hjärtliga hälsningar, hartelijke groet,

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