GC3 programming issues

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GC3 programming issues

Postby gary99 » 29.12.2016, 00:36

Good evening forum,

I have been having good results with the GCA hardware and Rocrail and now have a working system using GC1e, GC2 and almost GC3.

The problem.
i have a MERg decoder which has been programmed using the MERG programmer.
The decoder is connected to the GC3 programming track, and set up as a NEW loco at default address 3. I can operate the decoder with motor connected and all is ok (functions, throttle, reverse etc.) via rocrail
Now when I try to read or write the Cv's using Rocrail I do not get a response either with Direct programming checked or not.
Rocrail reports that service track session 0: status:1 No acknowledge.

Now I thought that decoders acknowledge commands by pulsing the motor and the command station picks this up via a current sense on the track driver.
The GC3 only has short circuit monitoring so how can it detect ack pulses?


Gary Charlton

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