GCA101 with LbServer protocol

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GCA101 with LbServer protocol

Postby dguisado » 27.03.2017, 14:35


I'm using nowadays LbServer as my main protocol to communicate Rocrail with my personal layout, modules, and also ClubNCaldes layouts and exhibitions. This protocol is quite standard among command stations and software (like DR5000 from Digikeyjs) and I have it also implemented in an Arduino + GCA185 + Ethernet Shield working perfect.

All club members are using also GCA101, but the current protocol (LNUDP) is not confortable for us as it doesn't support wi-fi connection and we feel it floods the network too much. Despite it's robust, we still prefer LbServer.

So my plan is to implement this standard protocol in GCA101, but I need some help to install and set up a working environment (under Win10) to be able at least to compile and generate a correct HEX to upload to the Atmel. I downloaded the source code from github and try to follow the instructions, but the recommended version of WinAVR doesn't work in Windows 10 and I have no idea if the last Atmel programming tools are suitable to compile current GCA101 firmware. I have a lot of experience in programming in several languages and platforms, but never did it for processors (just Arduino).

Any help will be really appreciated, I hope to be able to give back to this fantastic community some of my work.

Re: GCA101 with LbServer protocol

Postby Merdeka » 25.08.2017, 01:26

Hello Dani,

Just an idea. If you replace the Atmega168 on the GCA101 with an Atmega328p from an Arduino you should be able to use the Arduino IDE and reuse most of your code/sketch from the GCA185.

Easiest would be to connect an ICSP programmer to the ISP connector to do the programming.

Looking at the GCA101 schematics the Loconet RX is on the same pin (ICP1 - pin8) but the TX is on Pin PB1 (Pin9).

You would have to look at the Ethernet part because the GC101 uses the ENC28J60 instead of a WIZ5100.
There are libraries: https://github.com/ntruchsess/arduino_uip



Re: GCA101 with LbServer protocol

Postby rjversluis » 25.08.2017, 06:50

Hi Dani,

This protocol is quite standard among command stations and software (like DR5000 from Digikeyjs)

yes, the DR5000 still support it but normally you should use TCP/IP because LbServer is much too slow.

Maybe this Project can help you:
Best Regards, Rob.
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