ORD-3 24V DC Power Supply

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ORD-3 24V DC Power Supply

Postby Merdeka » 25.08.2017, 01:06


According to the specs, the ORD-3 can be supplied with DC power.
- Wide power input range: 16-20V ac / 19-30V dc, due to the use of switching power supply.

If I would use a 24v DC power supply would I need a 2.5A (60w) or 5A (120w)?



Re: ORD-3 24V DC Power Supply

Postby RedTrain » 07.09.2017, 21:28

Hi Timo

If you want to use the ORD-3 with 3 Amps, I would recommend the larger supply. In the 1 Amp position, the smaller would be OK.
Beste Grüsse kind regards, Carlo

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