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GCA suggestion

Postby Richard-TX » 05.11.2012, 16:36

In the USA, DB9 connectors are getting more and more difficult to obtain. I had to hunt to get some as my local Radio Shack stores (A Nationwide electronics parts store) and other stores just don't carry them. As a matter of fact DB9 hardware can't be found on modern computers. Everything is USB or RJ.

If the kits had the option for RJ style jacks, that would be a big help. I can get RJ type plugs, cable, etc at many places including two major home improvement stores, smaller home improvements stores, hardware stores, Radio Shack, and several other places.

Locating and adapting to DB connectors is the only annoying part of the GCA kits.

Postby rjversluis » 06.11.2012, 11:38

I do not think Radio Shack is the store you want. ;)

http://www2.mouser.com/Connectors/D-Sub ... _/N-9gybx/
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