Starting with RocRail + GCA Hardware

RocNet(RaspberryPi), mergCBUS and LocoNet based hardware developed by Peter Giling. (GCA)
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Starting with RocRail + GCA Hardware

Postby WhiteJoker » 24.03.2013, 22:14

Hi Guys (+ Girls?),

Wondering what I need to start using RocRail and the GCA hardware. As I'm a beginner I would like a simple track plan. Nothing to fancy yet.

From what I've read I need a connection from my PC (which runs RR) to LocoNet which is where I would be using the GCA101 (ethernet). Then I would need a booster and a command station, right? Which could be the ORD-3 in my case.

From there I need to connect to the tracks, which is where CGA50 into sight. Then I need to detect whether trains are on the track by using a current detector such as CGA93. Then at last I need something to flip my switches and possible other servo's. That would be CGA136.

Am I right so far? Do I forget something? Are there any tips? Things to do, or not to do?



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