[Solved] GCA50 Addressing

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[Solved] GCA50 Addressing

Postby mcnaugg » 20.01.2015, 18:07

I am getting confused on the addressing of multiple GCA50 units.

The first unit is running with the default address : 81/1.

If I want to add a second or third GCA50 in a daisy chain how should they be addressed?

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Re: GCA50 Addressing

Postby Bernie » 20.01.2015, 18:25

Hi Gareth,

address for the 2nd GCA50 may be for example 81/2 and for the 3rd 81/3. I did it this way. For more GCA50 you can use 82/1 and so on. They only have to be all different.
Gruß Bernd

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Re: GCA50 Addressing

Postby mcnaugg » 21.01.2015, 18:17

Hi Bernie

Thanks for the feedback. I've now been able to address my additional GCA50s. I thought the two units (one working and one new) were clashing addresses. I could not read the addresses via the Programming/ GCA50/ Query window. It was timing out all of the time. So I removed the new unit and then checked the working unit which gave me 81/1. Then I swapped them and the new unit gave me 16/1 which shouldn't have clashed I believe. Anyway I changed the address to 82/1 and reconnected the two units and I can "see" both units in the query window. I'll try connecting a point/switch module with a switch connected to make sure it works ok.



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